mySNHU: Guide to Access SNHU Login Portal 2023

mySNHU is a cloud-based portal that enables current Southern New Hampshire University students to easily register for classes, view important announcements, and view course or assignment grades. will show you how to access Southern New Hampshire University’s cloud-based Portal as well as other important student portals for effective and efficient academic work in this article.

How to access SNHU Brightspace

SNHU Brightspace is the name of Southern New Hampshire University’s online learning management system. It is only available to current students who are enrolled in a course.

Here’s how to get to Brightspace:

  • Access to your mySNHU account.
  • Select either the “My Course Access Your Courses” or the “Brightspace” image or link. This link can be found in the “Applications” menu.
  • If you discover a broken link in your Brightspace course, notify your professor immediately.

It is critical that you notify your professor of any broken links in your Brightspace course so that he or she is aware of the problem.

What is SNHU connect?

SNHU connect is an online, private, peer-to-peer community for SNHU online students.

Consider it your online campus. A meeting place for all of your fellow online students outside of the classroom.

Find others who are studying the same subject or who live in the same area. You can join online clubs and honor societies, as well as learn about New Hampshire College and University events.

How to reset SNHU Brightspace Portal

If you forget the login credential

  • Visit the
  • Click on the forgotten password
  • Enter your email or username and the characters in the picture or audio below.
  • Follow the instructions and then to get your account password recovered

Contact Information of SNHU 

  • Given the instructions below to contact the Southern New Hampshire University admissions team via email or phone.
  • Contact Details of SNHU
  • SNHU Phone Number: +1 800-668-1249
  • SNHU Twitter :
  • SNHU Facebook :
  • SNHU Instagram Page:
  • SNHU Linkedin Page:

How to access SNHUconnect

You can access it directly from your mySNHU login, from your desktop, or from the mobile app.

To find out more, follow these steps:

  • Scroll down your mySNHU login page until you see a “SNHUconnect student” icon in your news feed. Click on “Student Organizations and Events” in the right-hand column for CfA students.
  • After you’ve clicked that icon, locate the SNHUconnect Menu on the left and select the “Tutorials & Manuals” link.
  • Scroll down past the video to see the three different ways to get there, as well as a series of tutorial videos to help you navigate the community.

What is my 7-digit SNHU ID number?

Your 7-digit SNHU ID number can be found on your student ID card. If you don’t have an ID card, you can find your number by doing the following:

  • Log in to mySNHU.
  • On the left-hand side, there is a menu; scroll down until you see the heading “My Profile.”
  • Click on the “View My Student Profile.”
  • Your student profile should open, and your SNHU ID number should appear near the top.

What Are the Benefits of the MySNHU Login Portal?

Registration for dental and medical plans, as well as dependent information, is available.

It is made clear that personal holidays are available.

The number of SNHU service months accumulated enables students to download their admit cards for their individual examinations via this portal.

Balances, accrual, and usage of compensatory time off (available only to non-exempt employees).

This web portal allows students to communicate with their faculty and clear their doubts.

Enrollment in the plan and contribution amountsBy logging into their accounts, students can pay their examination fees digitally.

Sick and vacation leaves are accurately recorded—more Days Off data.

Students can submit their home assignments via the MySNHU login portal.

It is very captivating indeed! You can access the alumni community and participate in events, alumni stories, and SNHU publications with a login.

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It is an exciting way to bring ex-students and current students together.

In addition, MySNHU login provides financial assistance to students.

Login  Requirements of MYSNHU

  • MySnhu Login Url
  • Must be need to MYSNHU login valid snhu email and password
  • Need to internet
  • PC and laptop any other system need with internet access

How to login  in mysnhu

  • To get into from SNHU login portal
  • Launch your favorite browser
  • Visit to log in to SNHU
  • Now, enter your SHNU Username or email address.
  • Then fill the password.
  • click on “Submit” and now get your online student portal.

mysnhu login page

mysnhu login

How to reset mySNHU Forgotten Password

Simply the below follow the steps to reset your password for mySNHU dashboard.


  • You will directed to the mySNHU Student Portal login page
  • Click on Forgot Password Link

MYSNHU forget

  • Follow the instructions and then to get your account password recovered in a minute.

FAQS of MySnhu

What do I do if MYSNHU Not working?

If you can not get into SNHU, you can call the IT Help Desk at 1.855.877.9919 at 24/7. You can also chat with IT help desk.

Where can I access my SNHU email?

You can get to your SNHU email by signing into your mySNHU account then Click on the SNHU Webmail interface on the right-hand side of the page under Applications.

How do I get my email to work?

Even if it isn’t set up on your computer or device, you can still check your SNHU email. Simply visit your mySNHU homepage, log in, and then scan the right side of the page for the Webmail link under Applications.

How can I access my SNHU email?

By signing into your mySNHU account and selecting the SNHU Webmail option under Applications on the right side of the page, you may access your SNHU email.


I hope this post on mySNHU: Helpful Guide to Accessing SNHU Login Portal 2023 has enlightened you. It makes me happy to hear what you think about this, so let me know your thoughts now!

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