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Austin Divorce Attorneys: Hire A Local Divorce Lawyer

Hembree Bell Law Firm based in Austin TX focuses on family law and divorce. They can help in divorce settlements and agreements to make everything easier.

Divorce, just like marriage, is a common thing to happen in couples. For Austin divorce attorneys, the process can be a series of mediation, compromises, or head-on confrontation in court. There is union as well as separation. Families experience conflicts and they also encounter problems. In this article, you will go through how celebrities kindle their romance and eventually part their own ways.

Common Reasons For Divorce And Where To File Them

The most common reasons for divorce are lack of commitment and extramarital relationships. In addition, some couples have too many arguments and disagreements. 

Some young couples get married too soon and some experience financial difficulties. Others succumb to drug abuse and domestic violence. Health issues, lack of support from family, religious differences, and lack of premarital education are grounds for divorce among others.

The parties’ residences determine where the divorce should be filed. If both parties have lived in Texas for at least six months, the divorce can be filed in the district court county where they have lived for the past 90 days.

As long as the other party has been a resident of Texas for six months, the divorcing spouse can still file the divorce petition in the Texas county where they live.

Texas just like any other state has its own rules and regulations. Everyone must comply with the law, even celebrities don’t have any special pass to get through. Yes, they can’t pull a string or tap their connections. 

No matter how famous you are, everyone is fair in the eyes of the law. Did you know that a famous Hollywood star who became TIME’s 100 Most Influential People went through a divorce years ago? Find out more as you read through this article.

Sandra Bullock Files Divorce In Texas

The petition in 2010 asserts that Bullock resides in Texas, and James “agrees to continue” in court there. Bullock owns two restaurants in Austin and is reputed to have a property there. The actress is the proprietor of two well-known eateries, Bess Bistro and Walton’s Fancy and Staple, where the actress took part in all menu selections. Bullock founded Walton’s in 2009 and Bess in 2006 as a chance to have another source of income other than being a Hollywood celebrity.

The petitioner and respondent’s marriage ended in 2010. The three-page document has become insupportable. This was due to discord or conflict of personalities that ruins the legitimate purposes of the marriage partnership. It also inhibits any reasonable prospects of reconciliation. 

In an interview with People magazine, James revealed that allowing Bullock to end their marriage and complete the adoption of Louis was “the hardest.” Not having Louis around anymore “left a hole” in James’ heart.  

Cooling Down Period

Following the filing of a divorce petition, a “cooling down” period of sixty days is required by Texas. In Austin TX, a divorce decree may be issued after the 60-day window has passed. Therefore, the divorce procedure could be completed in as little as two months if both parties have reached a complete understanding. In most cases, even uncontested cases take 90 to 120 days. 

High-profile couples frequently attempt to reach a divorce settlement prior to formally filing for divorce. So that they prevent their children from reading about their split in every newspaper. They also reduce tabloid coverage of their divorce. 

With the help of a divorce settlement agreement, you might be able to forget about everything. Two lives that might have been weaved for a really long time should be isolated. 

This document clarifies the terms of the divorce. You and your spouse are able to come to an agreement on how to divide your assets and property. This can be done without the assistance of a judge. Divorce settlements are typically preferred over litigation. With the help of Austin divorce attorneys, you can resolve your family issues. 

Divorce Mediation

Having an attorney is essential, especially in drafting divorce agreements. You might be making mistakes that would affect your rights in the long run. Even if both parties agree on things, the asset division might be unclear if you draft the agreement by yourselves. But, what about if both parties disagree?

In Austin TX, the court may frequently order mediation if you and your spouse cannot agree on all of the terms of your divorce. This can be very helpful when you try to negotiate on your own. Among Austin divorce attorneys, Hembree Bell Law is one of the law firms that also focus on divorce.

Mediation can help you save money and time if you and your spouse are able to agree on most terms of the divorce. Furthermore, you and your spouse will come to an enforceable, legally binding agreement. 

Signing The Divorce Contract

When you sign a divorce settlement in Austin TX, it becomes legally binding. It will not take effect until the court gives its approval. It is issued as the final divorce decree or judgment of divorce and incorporates the terms of the settlement agreement.

Be aware that the judge may modify your agreement if it is deemed unfair in any way. For example, if you’re a stay-at-home mom and your partner is an executive officer, the judge won’t usually let you give up your right to maintenance. Unless your marriage was very short or you got a big property settlement, an Austin divorce attorney will also disagree.

Paying Court Fees

If you are unable to pay for the costs of filing for divorce, you have a number of options available to you. These include court costs, legal fees, and interim support. You can ask the court to waive your costs by submitting an Affidavit of Inability to Pay.

You can also ask the judge to make temporary orders for child support before the divorce is final. This could be true for child support as well as spousal support. If you need a temporary order, it’s always advisable to talk to a lawyer from Hembree Bell Law in Austin TX. They could fully assess your case with full understanding. 

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